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Synonyms for sisterly

like or characteristic of or befitting a sister

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And I observed that she always spoke of you as 'Fanny,' which she was never used to do; and it had a sound of most sisterly cordiality.
While Therese was speaking Dona Rita stepped back a pace and as the other moved forward still extending the hand of sisterly love, she slammed the door in Therese's face.
Vernon that her sisterly cautions have been bestowed in vain, and to persuade Reginald that she has scandalously belied me.
I came to the time when I first saw my dear girl and was received into that sisterly affection which was the grace and beauty of my life.
The two friends, with hearts now more united than ever, were inseparable for the day; and in schemes of sisterly happiness the hours flew along.
Perhaps the sisterly love and friendship of the three girls had more or less exaggerated Aglaya's chances of happiness.
Somehow it seemed to her that he was helping her to understand what she had never understood; and in her gratitude she was conscious of a most sisterly desire to help him, too--sisterly, save for one pang, not quite to be subdued, that for him she was without romance.
Her sisterly tenderness could not but surmount other feelings at this moment, and her fears were the fears of affection.
For a moment her heart was numbed within her, and then a flood of sisterly love carried all before it.
At first she had tolerated with sisterly fondness what she conceived to be his foolishness; but now, out of sisterly solicitude, she grew anxious.
I had only been in prison six months when that overwhelming testimony of sisterly affection came to console me in my captivity.
Cecilia, silently listening up to this time, now ventured to speak--animated by her sisterly interest in Emily.
At that one little act of sisterly sympathy, the fortitude which the poor creature had preserved all through the evening gave way in an instant.
I make these remarks in a sisterly and Christian spirit.
What honest man, who is not insane, would take lost women and thieves into his house to dwell with him sisterly and brotherly?