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the sister of your spouse

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Brent flatly denied making the remarks, saying she was misinterpreted, but in interviews, the student, her sister-in-law and college counselor Ben Sierra, who was present at the meeting, say it is true.
Ramos returned that day with her sister-in-law, Jennifer Ramos, and sought out Sierra, who recruited Ramos to attend the Valencia college.
The trio went to the admissions office, where Jennifer Ramos said she and her sister-in-law were escorted into the admission director's office while Brent spoke outside with Sierra.
There is a powerful thunderclap of a moment in Le confessionnal when the actor playing Alfred Hitchcock slips into the cab (another confessional cage) being driven by Pierre, the father of the family of Lepage's troubled protagonist, who proceeds to recount (confess) to the somewhat distracted director the story of his pregnancy-engendering dalliance with Rachel, his sister-in-law, offering it and all its unendurable ramifications--which Lepage's film has been exploring--as "a good suspense story for you.
Hill, and her husband Fred of Southborough; two brothers, David and his wife Ann of Harrison, ME, and Ernest and his wife Judy of Southborough, MA; a sister, Susan and her husband Larry Boomgaarden, of West Brookfield, MA; a sister-in-law, Joan of Goffstown, N.