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a ship that is one of two or more similar ships built at the same time

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The BRP Jose Rizal is scheduled to be delivered to the Philippines by September 2020 while its sister ship BRP Antonio Luna is slated for delivery in March 2021.
According to the company, like its sister ship Haaga, Viikki will first head from the shipyard to Japan, from where it will arrive fully laden at the Baltic Sea approximately at the end of October 2018.
"In four years' time when her sister ship is launched, adding an additional 22 per cent capacity, we will see an even greater rise in the popularity of cruising across all demographics and all age ranges including both Millennials and Generation Xers.
While Dream Cruises's World Dream will only make Manila as port of call destination until March 2018, its sister ship the SuperStar Virgo, is scheduled to make another tour of duty in the country, as it plans to offer another exciting itinerary that will include Manila, Taiwan and Japan starting March 2018.
The Titanic's sister ship, Olympic, at Jarrow for break-up, 1935
Marco Polo, above, and sister ship Discovery, left, which will be visiting St Petersburg, above left, and the Norwegian fjords, above right, among several other destinations in 2013 and 2014
Her sister ship the Lusitania, built on the Clyde, was not quite as fast.
Costa Allegra's sister ship, the Costa Concordia, capsized off the island of Giglio in Italy after hitting rocks in January, killing at least 25 people.
The sale follows that of its sister ship, HMS Invincible, which was towed away last week to a scrapyard in Turkey, after being sold on the same internet site.
The Navy said it would be a sister ship to the Jamaran (photo) "destroyer" launched in the Persian Gulf several months ago.
The 16 deck sister ship to Oasis of the Seas can carry 5,400 guests in 2,700 staterooms.
A sister ship, Independence of the Seas, will be launched next year.
The new ships and options include a 2,044-passenger/86,000-gross-register-ton Panamax ship, the largest ever constructed for Holland America, with an estimated all-in cost of $450 million; the vessel is expected to enter service in summer 2008 (there is also an option for a sister ship scheduled to debut in spring 2010).
The RMS Olympic went to the assistance of the Titanic, whose fate eclipsed its sister ship's image.
But the massive $800 million QM2 dwarfs her sister ship. She's the longest, largest, tallest and widest liner ever built.