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Synonyms for sissyish

having qualities more appropriate to women than to men

Synonyms for sissyish

having unsuitable feminine qualities

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But once you'd reached about the age of four, in the depths of your heart you knew there was something babyish, even sissyish, about sitting between your parents.
It's something that's always riled me: The fact men can get away with not wearing a band on the basis it's sissyish to wear jewellery whereas a woman is considered an arch-feminist oddity if she decides to keep her wedding finger ring-free.
Supporting his advice that parents discipline an infant for displaying "sissyish behavior" is Posner's underlying thesis: while a person's sexual preference is given, not chosen, the decision to engage in a particular act is a rational choice made in light of pertinent costs and benefits.
"Before Riverdance came out, Irish dancing was thought to be a bit sissyish, but now it's grand to be a male Irish dancer."