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Synonyms for sissified

having qualities more appropriate to women than to men

Synonyms for sissified

having unsuitable feminine qualities

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Millions of viewers watched laundered images and sissified speeches (Shame on you, Arnie, you Girly Man
Concerns about over-protected and sissified boys would resurface even more powerfully in the 1940s, as psychologists turned their attention to the pathological consequences of maternal tenderness on children, focusing on homosexuals and the shell-shocked veterans who were unable to withstand the rigors of war.
The image of maleness is shifting, with "metrosexuals" (straight men who pay serious attention to personal grooming) beginning to nudge traditional "macho" men (who think it sissified to pay too much attention to their appearance) aside.
Another reason he was called Harvey, Smith once said, is that he thought Chesterfield sounded sissified, so he went by his middle name until the military put an end to that.
Boys were being sissified and expected to give in to the feminisation of the world.
But while mainstream society has come to take these achievements for granted, the extremes of masculinist backlash openly denounce them as ill-gotten gains extorted by "the feminists" -- aided by the governments who fund them, the intellectuals who are duped by them, the media who coddle them, and the sissified men who enable them.
Much of the action takes place in the peeling hovel he shares with Lauritia (Marcelia Cartaxo), a prostitute upon whose toddler daughter he dotes, and Taboo (Flavio Bauraqui), another gay man who is as sissified as dos Santos is smolderingly tough - and who the stronger personality regularly abuses.
What is a pearl-handled, gold accented, sissified excuse for a real pistol doing on the cover of my American Handgunner?
There is nothing sissified in enjoying a good, dry rose.
Give me an out and proud sissified drag queen to idolize anytime over the self-serving, closeted Bean.
New World, indeed, and I a sissified Columbus who, at first ping upon petal, wishes to return to Europe forthwith.
Later Anahareo recalled, "I told him that I wouldn't have time for beadwork -- besides all that fancy stuff would make him look sissified.
Afraid our emotions and interior life will be derided as sissified, we easily become "emotionally constipated.
sissified churches the average he-man will have no part?
Despite the attempts of several critics to construct a sissified Norris,(4) most uphold the macho swaggering of The Responsibilities of the Novelist (1903) as the core of his aesthetic.