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Synonyms for siss

express or utter with a hiss

make a sharp hissing sound, as if to show disapproval

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To simplify the process, schools can use software from Clever or LeamSprout to authorize the transfer of data (such as names and birth dates) from an SIS into a third-party software program like Khan Academy for account creation.
Supervisor and supervisee mean SISS scores were recorded across the four previously determined factors (Miller et al.
They watch each other for "the briefest of strange moments" before Siss notices Unn's "quick glances," how "still" and how "tense" she has become (24).
9 remains unchanged, confirming the symmetry of the SISS structure, where the constituent phases have identical structures, as implied by the structural schematics in Fig.
In this article we obtain the conditions for the sampling operator to be one-to-one and stable in terms of frames of translates of the SISs instead of orthonormal basis.
Most security training is designed to guard SISs from the outsider, when teaching system users how to use technology to safeguard personal information is equally--and perhaps more--important.
Just weeks before the November 1952 election, word that the Commerce Department loyalty board was investigating her was leaked to the media, almost certainly by a SISS staff member.
The focus of SISS was on getting Lattimore indicted.
Suddenly, reports on adequate yearly progress, highly qualified teachers and other topics have focused the spotlight on SISs and the companies that make them.
The SISS investigations identified over 45 IPR operatives who were members of the Communist Party.
SO MUCH OF TV's coverage of the impending war with Iraq sounds like cheerleading these days - go, America, siss, boom (particularly boom) bah - that MSNBC's ``Wargame: Iraq'' seems something of a miracle.
The tale of Siss and Unn, two eleven-year-old girls living in the hinterlands of Norway, is not merely a tale of childhood friendship, but is also a subtle and palpable excursion into the innocent recesses of sexual exploration.
Second place was taken by the County Antrim-trained Huncheon Siss, who also occupied this berth when running in the bumper at the previous meeting.
The lip collection will include twig, spirit, siss, fondle and myth lipsticks for light/medium skins and paramount and fluff for darker complexions, which can be lined with spice, oak and strip-down lip pencils.