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a female person who has the same parents as another person

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Finally, both SIS and Mr Li have agreed to not reapply for an AFS licence nor provide financial services in any capacity for a period of 10 years from the date of the EU.
SIS has said that it is 'on course to have its bureau operational by April 1, offering the new service to its own customers and those of Openbet'.
In September, SIS officers shot and killed two robbery suspects in North Hills, claiming that one of the suspects had pointed a gun at them.
The hardest of these four to remedy is also the one that's hardest to quantify--leaders who believe that SIS and its accompanying technology can be more than just a way to keep attendance records and do reporting.
In reviewing this case, the Board has paid particular attention to the record of performance of Family FSB in helping to meet the convenience and needs of the community because Peoples proposes to merge SIS Bank into Family FSB.
The group hopes to test SIS grants in humans "within a couple of years," Badylak says.
SIS' alliance with ABC underscores our mutual commitment to support the information technology needs of anesthesia providers," says Ed Daihl, Chief Executive Officer of SIS.
Under the new timeframe, the future SIS II will be tested in two stages, the first next autumn and the second a year later.
SIS offers performance data and regulatory reporting software to banks, credit unions, thrifts, corporations, accounting, Investment and related firms through a variety of formats, including newsletters, books, loose-leaf services, online and CD.
While we're sure you wish Miss Perfect well, having a superstar sis can create some complicated issues.
Wixon and fellow detective Larry Winston are the first SIS members to receive the LAPD's highest award, which comes as the pair is fending off a civil rights lawsuit charging them with wrongful death.
SIS LIVE announces its most advanced 20 HD camera, 5.
This time, the SIS is being sued for the slaying of four crime suspects and wounding of innocent bystander Grover Smith when he came out from under a bush into the middle of a shootout in Northridge.
In addition to purchasing the labels, SIS is subscribing to the enxure data-hosting service and will pay an authentication fee per successful transaction.
Fraud is nothing new, but according to Brent Dolan, head of customer relations at SIS, the problem is growing: "We're not talking about the odd incident; we're seeing particular shops or areas being targeted consistently by organised groups using specific methods.