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Dextriferron, B03AB05, sirup 100ml (50 mg/5ml), -27 .
Indofood CBP has five business divisions--Division of instant noodle with brands of Indomie, Supermi, Sarimi, Pop Mie, Mi Telur Cap 3 Ayam and Pop Bihun; Division of dairy products with brands of Cap Enaak, Indoeskrim and Orchid Butter; Division of food seasoning with brands of Sambal Indofood, Sirup Indofood Freiss, and Bumbu Racik Indofood; Division of snack with brands of Chitato, Qtela and Trenz and Division of nutrition and special foods such as baby porridge with brand of Promina and SUN.
The female recipient was Leanne Sirup, a swim coach from Cowichan, B.
The current crop of major trade disputes should be resolved in the next few years--softwood lumber (pitting the United States against Canada), trucking (pitting the United States against Mexico) and sugar and High Fructuose Corn Sirup (pitting Mexico against the United States and vice versa, respectively).
Chloride of zinc solution: pure zinc oxide is dissolved in pure HCl, and the solution is evaporated on a water bath (until no free HCl is present) to a thick sirup.