siren song

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the enticing appeal of something alluring but potentially dangerous

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He appears to pose a lighthearted question: what siren song could enchant all hearers?
Many postwar painters have yielded to the siren song of the big brushstroke, their efforts all too often settling into cliche or parody.
You must resist the siren song of the path of least resistance and discipline yourself to do what is hard and necessary to achieve the goals that are truly possible for you.
Patrik Berger's advice to Aston Villa colleague Gareth Barry not to resist the siren song of Liverpool is the last thing Martin O'Neill needs.
Because sometimes the country faces challenges so important that the best politics in the long run is to be constructive patriots in the short run--to ignore the siren song of partisanship, and look after the nation's needs.
While some of the CFR's leading experts continue to rattle sabers and appear to be beating war drums, the dominant strain in the council's media chorus is sounding the siren song of "new thinking" concerning our relationship with Tehran.
Therein, carrying capacity, ecological overshoot and diminishing resources, are left wing plots at worst, and at best, a siren song to which we should block our ears.
Yet more teams than ever find themselves unable to resist the siren song of the franchise quarterback.
There is nothing but trouble straight down--at best a distraction and at worst a siren song to do a potentially tragic thing.
But by cutting off subsidies on basic items like food and fuel, privatization is likely to make the everyday lives of Iraqis more miserable and thus more susceptible to the siren song of the insurgents.
He had his first ride in a Leopardstown bumper in May 1995 and two months later rode his first winner, Siren Song, trained by his father Ted in a bumper at Gowran Park.
workers; and the ideological siren song that has permitted the exodus of U.
Having heard "the siren song of a lonely wind on desolate tundra", Pratt sets off to retrace Mina's route, hindered both by a small budget and (by her own admission) a high degree of naivety.
OKAY, I missed this when it came out in November and was lured back to it by the siren song of Half-Life 2.
One cannot help being reminded of the siren song of the nuclear industry in the 1970s: electricity at virtually no cost and a long-term solution for waste in a matter of years.