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Synonyms for siphon

a tube running from the liquid in a vessel to a lower level outside the vessel so that atmospheric pressure forces the liquid through the tube


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a tubular organ in an aquatic animal (especially in mollusks) through which water can be taken in or expelled

convey, draw off, or empty by or as if by a siphon

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move a liquid from one container into another by means of a siphon or a siphoning action

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By contrast, a siphonic roof drainage system contains an anti-vortex plate that acts as a restrain and prevents air and debris from entering the piping system at full flow, allowing the pipes to completely fill up with water.
On the other hand, the adjustable breakwater on the Oosterschelde, the siphonic sluices on the Grevelingendam, and the Philipsdam floodgates (that keep the freshwater of the Krammer-Volkerak sector from mixing with the saltwater of the Oosterschelde from the Maskgat) will enable the estuary to be controlled and allow a planned economy to be introduced into the southwest Netherlands.
This eliminates water from the passage; and as the rapid flow of water from the fixture and the atmospheric pressure on the water surface increase the siphonic action, the waste with the water is drawn through the trap efficiently and quietly.
American Standard is adding new models and color options to its popular two-piece Champion PRO line of toilets, known for their water saving flushing performance with the industry's largest siphonic trapway.
He was evens favourite when third again behind Siphonic over the same trip in December at Hollywood Park.
BREEDERS CUP JUVENILE: 4-6 Officer, 4-1 Johannesburg, 7-1 Came Home, 8-1 Siphonic, 16-1 Essence Of Dubai, 20-1 Ibn Al Haitham, Jump Start, 33-1 French Assault, Itsallinthechase, Repent, Publication, 50-1 Saarland, Striking Song
Juvenile: 4-6 Officer, 5-1 Johannesburg, 6-1 Came Home, 8-1 Siphonic, 14-1 Essence Of Dubai, 16-1 Ibn Al Haitham, 20-1 Bar.
Siphonic, a one-time leading contender, will miss the race because of "wear and tear" in his off fore-ankle; Harlan's Holiday and his stablemate Repent, though winners of recognised prep races in recent weeks, look far from dominant, while there are doubts over Johannesburg's stamina, and US pundits remain far from convinced by his likely preparation.
SIPHONIC, among the early favourites for the Kentucky Derby despite having been beaten in his two starts this season, will miss the Classics after being found to have suffered some "wear and tear" in his off-fore ankle, writes Dan Farley.
William Hill: 9-2 Johannesburg, 5 Harlan's Holiday, 6 Repent, 10 Came Home, Mayakovsky, Medaglia d'Oro, 12 Siphonic, 16 Saarland, 25 bar.
Florida Derby winner Harlan's Holiday was edged out by less than $1,000 in the second pool-but the tables would probably have been turned had Siphonic's defeat to Medaglia d'Oro in the Grade 2 San Felipe Stakes later on Sunday come before the wagering had closed.
And now there is Medaglia d'Oro, who handily defeated USS Tinosa and Siphonic in the Grade 2 San Felipe Stakes at Santa Anita.
Kentucky Derby hopeful Siphonic suffered his second consecutive defeat when third in the Grade 2 San Felipe Stakes over eight and a half furlongs at Santa Anita on Sunday .