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Synonyms for siphon

a tube running from the liquid in a vessel to a lower level outside the vessel so that atmospheric pressure forces the liquid through the tube


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a tubular organ in an aquatic animal (especially in mollusks) through which water can be taken in or expelled

convey, draw off, or empty by or as if by a siphon

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move a liquid from one container into another by means of a siphon or a siphoning action

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When his fish died, the boy kissed the fish, put it toilet bowl and siphoned off after being prompted by his mother.
Right now, when the state is reeling under corruption, misgovernance, and millions of rupees are being siphoned off, is Jammu and Kashmir not an integral part of India?
He told the jury it should have had pounds 600,000 to pounds 700,000 in it and he claimed Elliott siphoned off money to prop up his failing business projects.
A FOOTBALL agent dishonestly siphoned vast sums of money from ex-Boro star Stewart Downing's bank accounts, a court heard.
The worst tragedies have occurred in the West African nation of Nigeria, where thousands have died as crowds siphoned fuel illegally from ruptured or pierced oil pipelines that subsequently exploded.
A GANG is targeting diesel from lorries parked up in North Wales Cops are hunting robbers who siphoned gallons of diesel from lorries parked in Caernarfon, Gwynedd.
But what about the motorists who are suffering because their cars are being siphoned of their fuel?
DETECTIVES investigating a fraud in which pounds 650,000 of EU North-East job-creation cash was allegedly siphoned off have bailed eight suspects pending further inquiries.