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having a succession of waves or curves

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The nonneoplastic liver is also susceptible to chemotherapy-induced sinusoidal injury.
the y-axis) of the acceleration data for the swing needs to be defined to ensure that students grasp SHM as a sinusoidal function of time.
In the context of the non-conservative system, in 2006, Gao Deli [5] obtained expressions for the sinusoidal and helical bucking force when the axial and tangential friction was considered.
Sinusoidal endothelial cells probably play a key role here.
In the sinusoidal mode of the three-phase voltage source, the active current vector also consists of sinusoidal temporal functions, so it is expedient [5] to introduce three-dimensional complex vectors (3Dphasors) of voltage and current in the same way [5].
Let [partial derivative]F/[partial derivative]p = 0, and the wavelength of sinusoidal buckling is given by
However, the recommended sinusoidal design and profile would prove to be a starting point for later research on center and edge line rumble strips.
Nevertheless, due to the fact that the classical apparent power and its resolution are defined under sinusoidal and balanced conditions, they did not attain their goals in the case of nonsinusoidal and/or unbalanced conditions.
Fibrosis is a chronic condition which initiates a cascade of biochemical and biophysical changes in the liver microenvironment causing necrosis and apoptosis of hepatocytes (highly specialized epithelial cells) and liver sinusoidal endothelial cells (LSECs), through the release of inflammatory mediators and profibrotic cytokines and activation of hepatic stellate cells.
The modular NPArm Series operates with any motion controller supporting a [+ or -] 10V sinusoidal current commutation command interface.
The results show that the MEMS-based oscillator performs better than all quartz oscillators that were tested, with up to 50x better EMS, up to 24x better performance during shock, and up to 100x and 20x better performance during sinusoidal and random vibration, respectively.
Because there are a number of options when it comes to motion profiles, the company has included calculators for basic triangular motion profiles, trapezoidal motion profiles and sinusoidal motion profiles.