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tiny endothelium-lined passages for blood in the tissue of an organ

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the curve of y=sin x


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Compared with ND rats in this study, immunolight microscopy revealed weak AQP1 expression in endothelial cells of central veins/venules and liver sinusoid in the liver of HFD rats.
CW sinusoid can deliver highest SNR: duration was deliberately not limited in order to evaluate whether overlap of the multiple reflections will influence the measurement.
It can be seen that the indicated component of the pulsed current [i.sub.p](t) of the lightning simulated under laboratory conditions in time t varies according to the damped sinusoid law.
We found that phases of annual signal estimated for analysed stations are in a good agreement for Central European stations and maxima of annual sinusoid fall between June and July.
As such, two consecutive sinusoids with frequency difference [DELTA]f can then be separated by setting the window size as
Still leave it as a sinusoid. But now have the lower peak at 40% (II) and the upper peak at 60% and drop the assembly into Chicago (Climate Zone 5).
When all of the gated A-scan echoes for each x-y coordinate of a sample are collected, they can be decomposed by means of a Fast Fourier Transform into individual sinusoids. FIGURE 6 is a simulation showing how a 100MHz echo can be decomposed into individual sinusoids.
The parasitic phase components are extremely low since the lossy capacitors ([C.sub.z,m]) create distant pole frequencies compared to the usable frequency range; hence the input and output stimulus of the DIFL would be in same phase at unity gain and closure of loop incites sinusoid oscillations build-up; the corresponding characteristic equation is
[12] investigated the protective effects of melatonin on liver injury in SZ-induced diabetic rats over a period of 4 weeks, and they also observed sinusoid congestion, hydropic degeneration, focal necrosis and microvesicular fatty infiltration of hepatocytes that was associated with moderate periportal inflammation, an accumulation of a homogeneous substance in nuclear chromatin, a decreased number of intracytoplasmic organelles and mitochondrial degeneration.
The amplitude of the sinusoid is equal to wheel radius; sinusoid period is two -folds of the planet rover wheelbase.
A truncated sinusoid, for which the first half of the flow cycle is positive (a smooth rise and fall) and the second half is zero (glottal closure), contains no odd harmonics other than first (Figure 1).
The air circulates thus homogenously from above and below the fabrics and lead the fabric in sinusoid waves through the dryer achieving thus a tumbler effect.
For its resolution, modified version of analogue PSD uses analogue multiplier instead of switching amplifier with thereference signal being a sinusoid instead of square-wave.
The less powerful curves near the top of the flashes are part of the sinusoid traces of the blade tips, which are too weak to demonstrate their complete shapes.