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Material Total length (mm) Maximum width (mm) Li Lf Wi Wf Right eye * 11.88 11.40 7.82 7.00 Heart: sinus venosus 9.80 7.95 7.23 5.99 atrium 9.50 8.22 9.10 8.07 ventricle 12.13 10.57 17.31 15.08 conus arteriosus 5.01 4.59 4.97 4.56 Ventral aorta 6.32 5.95 3.77 3.53 Stomach 96.78 87.86 22.48 18.13 Proximal intestine 37.46 34.64 4.35 4.14 Valvular intestine 89.85 71.39 17.92 15.66 Rectum 21.43 17.14 4.68 3.85 Spleen ** -- -- 19.84 16.43 Pancreas 25.28 24.87 6.59 5.28 Deferent duct *** 115.47 111.67 -- -- Right testis 82.39 61.47 9.52 7.09 Right kidney 59.26 51.01 8.49 7.46 Trunk section * 27.32 32.56 21.58 20.07 * Maximum height was measured instead the parameters width (eye) and length (trunk section).
DISCUSSION: During embryogenesis, the right horn of the sinus venosus incorporates into the right atrium to form the smooth posterior portion of the right atrium, whereas the original embryologic right atrium forms the trabeculated anterior portion.
The current study reviewed data of 84 patients who had undergone surgical repair of ASD, including the three major forms: ostium primum, ostium secundum and sinus venosus (with or without partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection or PAPVD).
Anatomically, atrial septal defects are classified into three main categories: ostium secundum, ostium primum, and sinus venosus defects.
She found that, in contrast to controls, the chambers of hearts in which she had removed the sinus venosus kept beating but never developed coronary vessels.
(4) These veins form a plexus around the duodenum before entering the sinus venosus (Fig.
A third type of ASD, called sinus venosus ASD, is an absence of tissue at the very superior portion of the atrial septum, close to the origin of the superior vena cava (see Figure 4).
The most common variant of PAPVC is the defect located in sinus venosus malformation i.e, superior caval atrial septal defect coexists with PAPVC.2,3 Other variants include right pulmonary vein draining into right atrium,4 connection of right pulmonary vein to IVC (scimitar syndrome) and rarely right pulmonary vein connects to azygos vein or coronary sinus.5,6 Similarly, left pulmonary vein may connect to left brachiocephalic vein through an anomalous vertical vein.
Other less common forms of adult ASDs include ostium primum ASD (15% of ASDs), sinus venosus ASD (10% of ASDs), and the unroofed coronary sinus (<1% of ASDs).
The muscle sheath may represent a remnant of the sinus venosus (Gerlis et al., 1985).
Pulmonary venous return anomaly was present in three patients with sinus venosus type defect.
Early during embryonic life, the right valve of sinus venosus separates venous right atrium from the muscular right atrium and directs oxygenated blood preferentially from the inferior vena cava (IVC) through the foramen ovale into the left atrium.