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Morsdorf: una sorta di sinopia da cui modellare la propria opera, poi variamente rifinita (75).
Francois Dossou, who manages the Climate Change fund at HSBC's Sinopia fund arm, said, 'There is increasing evidence of slowing global demand and we see the pressure on the solar cell industry in the short term.
He's dressed informally, drawing freehand and working outdoors, but his meticulous procedure has obvious affinities with those involved in the creation of sinopia, the fresco underdrawings of Renaissance masters.
It is managed by Sinopia Asset Management, part of HSBC, and Jupiter Asset Management, which has a well-regarded Socially Responsible Investment Team.
Sinopia, the drawing that underlies European frescoes, does reveal structural information, but the relation of Sikander's drawings to Mughal art is more complex.
They were exhibited in the room devoted to chivalry and war in which armor parts and weapons (carefully selected to coincide exactly with Pisanello's lifetime) were very dramatically displayed against a full-scale reproduction of the sinopia of the tournament scene in Mantua.
It will be managed by Sinopia Asset Management, part of HSBC, and fund manager Jupiter Asset Management, which has a well-regarded Socially Responsible Investment Team.
This attic with adjoining rooms contains a wide variety of wall doodlings, including unfinished mural under-drawings in sinopia and charcoal of animated grotteschi designs of human masks, birds and foliage that have been attributed to the mysterious artist Morto da Feltre, who according to Vasari was a great specialist in this genre of painting (here, to my eye, the pictorial sensibility seems closer to that of the seicento).
Il porsi tra condanna e discernimento non consente all'autore dipiegarsi sulle sue convinzioni risolutivamente, ne di chiudersi nei valori dal cul fondo ha sempre attinto la speranza (2): la scrittura, il tornare ellittico di certi lemmi, i tratti di un'antica sinopia friulana, diventano i mezzi prediletti per esprimere la realta e la rinnovata (3) disapprovazione di uno che "non ci sta." In questo senso ecco come la sua opera, per non divenire anch'essa letame per i sogni, deve necessariamente sottrarsi alla seduzione di un uso autoreferenziale dell'espressione e rappresentare il dilemma che sussiste fra coerenza e abnegazione, fra dolo ed innocenza e ancora tra "puro e negletto" (4).
Now that a lunette's sinopia with faint sheep has come to light, the argument becomes stronger for the relief filling the chapel's remaining iconographical lacuna.
Three portraits in the middle of the scene in Nero's palace could possibly be an afterthought; although Masaccio's original sinopia might have had onlookers, it is unlikely that he would have placed portraits on the liturgical left.
In removing the uppermost layer of painted plaster from the cut-out chunk of wall, conservators discovered an underlying sinopia or underdrawing (Fig.