sinking feeling

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Synonyms for sinking feeling

a feeling caused by uneasiness or apprehension


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TFI Envision wanted to change that sinking feeling by changing the meaning of the light.
Locke said: "In that boardroom I felt a sinking feeling as I felt Lord Sugar looking at Stuart with a kind of admiration - a bit like he saw him as a mini Sugar.
The short-term pop in housing sales does little to soothe the sinking feeling that comes from the realization that interest rates well under 5 percent are not enough to keep the sales machine churning.
It may be January but Classic Lodges has a winter warmer to beat off any sinking feeling.
THIEF Kevin Anderson got a sinking feeling when he dropped a stolen safe containing pounds 2,500 in to a lake.
As a car engine developer with a particular interest in fuel economy, I read with a sinking feeling the letters from Rodney Loekhart and Jack Williams regarding the use of hydrogen/ Brown's gas to improve car engine economy (PE 1 October).
I read your report on the situation in Zimbabwe and the frantic efforts to broker an agreement between Zanu-PF and the MDC with a sinking feeling (Last Chance Saloon--African Business August/September 2008).
MANCHESTER City are probably already getting that sinking feeling about new boy Robinho after his agent revealed he would rather be a travelling salesman than remain at Real Madrid.
DARING fundraisers felt that sinking feeling as they took the plunge for charity.
Shrewsbury might have been excused having that sinking feeling once more when they fell behind after 37 minutes.
Captain for the night, John Crittenden, corporate manager said: "With winter approaching, we wanted to help our guests to avoid that sinking feeling.
In his 15 years in charge of Charlton Athletic, Alan Curbishley tasted relegation just once, but he is in severe danger of enduring that sinking feeling once more, unless he can turn the fortunes of the Hammers around in the two months that remain this season.
I had a sinking feeling that my liver was failing again.
Anyone who has alcoholic parents can relate to Daniel's sinking feeling when he's handed coins for the pinball machine as his dad makes his habitual beeline for the bar.
In that not-so-far-off future, residents of many more regions will come to know the sinking feeling that people in Louisiana's bayou country have had for decades.