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Synonyms for sinking

a descent as through liquid (especially through water)

a slow fall or decline (as for lack of strength)

a feeling caused by uneasiness or apprehension

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Throughout the spaces interspersed with atolls, where not a single peak of high land has been left above the level of the sea, the sinking must have been immense in amount.
I was about to examine the hull, which formed on deck a kind of horizontal platform, when I felt it gradually sinking.
The latter pressed on after the horse, but the snow lay so deep and his coats were so heavy that, sinking above his knees at each step, he stopped breathless after taking not more than twenty steps.
Tenders are invited for Sinking of 1 no tube well near the house of Basanti Roy, Mouza-Makhalia, Dag No.
Holyhead Coastguard said they were called at around 2pm to reports of the incident, but they could not do anything to prevent the boat sinking around three hours later.
Over almost three years, researchers tracking geological activity over four oil patch counties in the Permian Basin found that decades of oil activity and its effects on rocks below the surface of the earth has contributed to the area's ground sinking and uplifting - including one area where the ground sank almost 40 inches.
I'm talking about full sinking, type III to even type V fly lines.
"The sinking was informed by another dhow which was coming to dock at Salalah Port.
FOUR people were rescued from a sinking fishing boat last night.
As for what caused the sinking, Commodore Lee Ki Shik said at the press briefing it is hard to say for sure what caused the ship's sinking at the moment.
Flood risk on the rise as deltas sink: The majority of the world's river deltas are sinking due to human interference, increasing the flood risk of as many as half a billion people, according to a new study published in Nature Geoscience.
He said police forces were aware of the sinking but any impact on the shoreline may take some days.
Project director Greg Ashe says most of the major surface buildings and the hoisting plant are largely complete with this year's activity focused on shaft sinking and wrapping up their engineering work for the start of more detailed mine building next year.
SINKING FEELING: The car lies half-submerged got trapped and was pulled free by a third truck.
For a riveting moment-by-moment re-enactment of the sinking of the Soviet sub Kursk and its dramatic rescue, don't miss Cry From The Deep: The Sinking Of The Kursk, The Submarine Disaster That Riveted The World And Put The New Russia To The Ultimate Test.