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Synonyms for sinker

a small ring-shaped friedcake

a weight that sinks (as to hold nets or fishing lines under water)

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a pitch that curves downward rapidly as it approaches the plate

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"It's great to see that the fishing community is embracing this initiative and taking responsibility for discarded fishing line, hooks, sinkers and other fishing waste.
Since 2018, this has also been the case for all holding down sinkers. Kern-Liebers thus offers the best solution, not only for machine manufacturer Stoll, but also for all quality-conscious end users.
Standard surf sinkers are "end line" in that they attach to a heavy duty snap such as a Duo-Lock tied to the bitter end of a dropper (multi-hook bait rig).
At times, he gently bumps rigs across the bottom under the boat, with long sinker-droppers allowing baits to run several feet off the bottom, or with sinkers completely off the bottom but holding the baits vertical.
The first stop for all these fishermen, and women too sometimes, is those little stalls set up by the shore which sell different length and thickness lines coiled around pieces of cardboard, various size hooks, sinkers for weight and bait such as shrimp, worms and leeches.
As evidenced by the recent article, ingesting lead sinkers is a common hazard for swans and other species.
WHEN I first started fly fishing for salmon 50-plus years ago, there was only one line to use and that was a double-tapered sinker made from dressed silk.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 8, 2012-Shaft Sinkers wins contract from Hindustan Zinc Ltd(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
album were collected on Malus domestical leaves and stems twice each month during 3 years, sinkers and cortical strands from the host xylem and bark every 2 months during 16 months, and all organs in the profile of a mistletoe plant from two whole bushes.
The problem is: Lead sinkers at the bottom of a body of water look a lot like rocks.
At Sinkers Wine and Spirits in Inglewood, Tennessee, none of the store workers were prepared to fend off armed robbers, but one of their customers suffered no such impairment.
the sale of lead sinkers weighing one-half ounce or less was banned in New York State.
The KDM 712 indexes rapidly from the vertical to 90 deg horizontally right or left, and provides automatic tool changing, using two 6-position tool holders, which may include thread cutters, counter sinkers, centre markers and drills, for use in all three positions.
The sinkers included the metal paper clip and the metal washer.