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Synonyms for sink

Synonyms for sink

to fall or drift down to the bottom

to go beneath the surface or to the bottom of a liquid

to go from a more erect posture to a less erect posture

to slope downward

to become lower in quality, character, or condition

to bring oneself down to a lower level of behavior

to undergo moral deterioration


to undergo a sharp, rapid descent in value or price

to cause to penetrate with force

sink in: to come as a realization


an area sunk below its surroundings

a place known for its great filth or corruption

Synonyms for sink

plumbing fixture consisting of a water basin fixed to a wall or floor and having a drainpipe

(technology) a process that acts to absorb or remove energy or a substance from a system

a depression in the ground communicating with a subterranean passage (especially in limestone) and formed by solution or by collapse of a cavern roof

a covered cistern

Related Words

fall or descend to a lower place or level

cause to sink

pass into a specified state or condition


Related Words

descend into or as if into some soft substance or place

appear to move downward


Related Words

fall heavily or suddenly

Related Words

fall or sink heavily

embed deeply

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8 Ways to Help Sink or Swim Sail Toward the Bestseller List - May 28
Sink or Swim 2008 will also include a poster competition.
Doesn't matter who's who, neither to the feckless deity who decides which of them will sink or swim nor to anybody watching, because once the ship flips, character development ends and has virtually no impact on events anyway.
It was designed to cast easily, splash down like a small live minnow, and then slowly flutter and sink or swim like a disabled minnow.
DESCRIBED as "an insanely comic tale" of three men's maddening struggles at sea, Sink or Swim comes to the PLayhouse Studio this month.