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preferring to use left foot or hand or eye

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This species probably evolved from Siphonodella ludmilae by the development of an additional rostral ridge on the left side of both the sinistral and dextral Pa elements, and by the change of the symmetry class from II to III.
Cerci [+ or -] prominently enlarged, longer than anal segment, in-curving and specialized in various ways; mostly round to cylindrical in cross-section with an internobasal protuberance and occasionally with the apex laterally flattened and spatulate, bifid, trifid or deeply furcate; in certain genera asymmetrical cerci occur with the dextral cercus smaller than the sinistral one.
The Mundrabilla Fault is readily interpretable as a sinistral transpressional fault formed during Proterozoic north-west directed Australia-wide compression.
Snail genera tend to be either dextral (right-coiling) or sinistral (left-coiling) but the genus Satsuma contains both dextral and sinistral species, reports Nature.
You can think about this distinction in Latin terms: sinistral and dextral.
glabrata exhibits sinistral cleavage and shell coiling, which is important to understand from a comparative standpoint.
Prominent among these outlaw bibliogenes--the sinistral current of the accidental, the individual, meandering alongside orthodoxy's channelled dextral flow--would be Hans Hvass's Mammals of the World.
Being sinistral is not so bad nowadays as you get left-handed everything.
The northerly striking faults dip 50-70[degrees] eastward and are dextral, whereas the easterly striking faults dip 30-60[degrees] northward and are sinistral.
Gonopodium asymmetrical, sinistral, composed of anal rays 3, 4 and 5; tip with a small membranous hook (Fig.
The design's focal point is a pair of virtually indistinguishable human bodies hovering horizontally, locked in an ambitious embrace, with only background flames and clouds prompting viewers to differentiate a personification of energy or desire on their left, sinistral side from one of reason on their right.
Even more startlingly asymmetrical are the flatfish with both eyes on one side of the head, such as sole (dextral in European waters, sinistral in tropical and semi-tropical waters).
The Sig's separate slidestop and decocking controls have been married into one unit, and (pause here for a shout of joy from the sinistral crowd), this dual-function lever is ambidextrous.