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Synonyms for singsong

a regular and monotonous rising and falling intonation

informal group singing of popular songs


Related Words

speak, chant, or declaim in a singsong

move as if accompanied by a singsong

Related Words

uttered in a monotonous cadence or rhythm as in chanting

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For all this book deals in the big ideas - art, belief, fate - it is a singsong, storytelling in its humble power.
But the story of a voyage, told in singsong words with magical illustrations that capture the hope of the boat's occupants, make a perfect lullaby about togetherness for the very youngest.
Jennifer Fleck: "I'll be passing the monument at that time haha, may as well join in the singsong.
SIR Cliff Richard is charging fans [euro]25 a pop for a singsong with him.
They were then led into a singsong by the great man including Land of Hope and Glory and There Will Always Be an England and although many residents are suffering from dementia or alzheimer's-they were word perfect.
The really good news is that this isn't the only children's programme now available from Sky's streaming service - look out too for Miniteve, Big Block Singsong and the particularly impressive Bear Behaving Badly, which comes from Bafta-winning producer Darrall Macqueen.
IN CELEBRATION of Love Your Local Market fortnight, which takes place until May 31, St Tydfil Shopping Centre is having an old-fashioned singsong on Saturday.
The day finished with a Christmas singsong and fake snow was fired from a confetti cannon covering the crowds.
Children ages 3-5 will love the singsong rhyme, creative craft, and turnaround dilemma conveyed in "There's a Bear on My Chair.
The singsong of ancient Italian brought me to a sonnet.
Our Queen: 90 Musical Years, which will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on Sunday June 12, spoke to the monarch's friends and relatives, who revealed the sovereign enjoys a rousing singsong and has got great rhythm.
CHILDREN from 14 North East primary schools will gather for a singsong today at Sage Gateshead.
Next, a piano was brought out of a house and set up on the pavement to provide music for a singsong.
The singsong lyrics echo with a keen beat, in this adventurous, creative expression, enthusiastically recommended for music connoisseurs in search of a unique experience that defies conventional classification.
SCOTS star Nina Nesbitt was keen to stay out with American rockers Rival Sons for a sunset singsong at sea.