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pinon of southwestern United States having solitary needles and often many stems

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Therefore, this experiment was designed to (i) examine responses of several major physiological and morphological characteristics to heat stress; and (ii) determine the relative importance of single-leaf and canopy photosynthesis capacity, and tillering and root growth characteristics in heat tolerance for two creeping bentgrass cultivars, L-93 and Penncross, differing in heat tolerance (Huang and Liu, 1999; Huang and Gao, 2000; Liu and Huang, 2000a,b; Toubakaris and McCarty, 2000; Xu and Huang, 2000a,b).
Single-leaf Pn was measured from 1000 to 1400 h biweekly with the LI-6400 portable photosynthesis system with modification of the leaf chamber.
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