single-entry bookkeeping

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a simple bookkeeping system


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The method differs from the traditional single-entry bookkeeping by using separate recording treatments of different transactions or evens, i.e., transactions involved with claims and transfers must be recorded in both Shou (receipt) and Fu (pay) entries in two related journals or ledges simultaneously while other transactions be only recorded with one entry.
When I sneaked a look at the books, it was back to single-entry bookkeeping. Memories.
I have been in too many budget meetings in the past three decades not to have learned that the ideal fiscal initiative from a political perspective is one that creates visible benefits for one group of constituents without a perceived cost to anybody else, a form of political single-entry bookkeeping.
During this period there was sophisticated budgetary control and single-entry bookkeeping systems.
Although the double-entry concept was applied, most Japanese merchants practiced single-entry bookkeeping, called the daifukucho.
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