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a crochet stitch

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make by single stitching

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Starting to quilt: Bring the bobbin thread to the top by taking a single stitch, then moving the quilt sandwich slightly away from the needle and pulling gently on the top thread.
"Dr Khan made two tiny holes near the hairline on my brows and poked down under each cheek to insert a single stitch, which could then be pulled back to lift my jowls.
A brilliant nurse cleaned her up, gave her a local anaesthetic, a single stitch and a prescription for painkillers.
Cutsogeorge points to a maple leaf quilt that was fabricated without using a single stitch. The artist used fuseable materials and the heat of an iron to create the quilt.
As our company (and battalion and brigade for that matter) learned over the course of 16 months, the weather could not always be counted on to cooperate with anticipated logistical support, and requirements for ammunition, water, food, and replacement ACUs (single stitch uniforms were not very durable, especially in the seat of the trousers) did not cease.
Working with other local craft groups, Come Alive @ 55 will encourage everyone in the community to contribute through the community panel, where they will be able to make their single stitch: "a stitch in time".
After viewing the displays, visitors are invited to contribute a single stitch to a piece of textile art before leaving.
Say you're required to take a home ec class at your new school, but you have never sewed so much as a single stitch or baked a brownie in your life.
Displaying a deceptive minimalism in language and style, Lundy's work is perceptive in its ambiguous concept, at once mourning and admiring the power of the world's moving emptiness: "The lines of retreating / geese flee / the perfect silence and cold / of the season to come--/ they are sutures, each body / a single stitch, black / as the frost-touched vine ..." Amazingly, the same energetic, clear imagery found here carries over to his prose poems as well.
She was left with swelling, slight blackening below one eye and a small wound needing a single stitch.
Beverley School pupil Emily, seven, was taken to hospital and a surgeon stitched a cut from her eyelid to the tip of her nose with a single stitch.
Teruo Okano, of Tokyo Women's Medical University, has developed a procedure allowing doctors to grow an entire cornea from a tiny speck of cells in an incubator, peel it off at room temperature, and place it directly on the eye ( without a single stitch.
Keith March, director of the Indiana Center for Vascular Biology and Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine, allows doctors to place a single stitch in an artery to close the opening left after performing a heart catheterization.
Church fathers decried the amount of time that went into servicing the complicated attire, but sisters themselves were notoriously reluctant to deviate a single stitch or procedure from the divine pattern.
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