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a shell for a single oarsman


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The DTM series offers multiple size 20 contacts within a single shell, each with 7.
In the July 16 action, a large number of the battalion were wounded including on one occasion 21 soldiers being hit by a single shell blast.
A single shell can destroy the ceasefire in Karabakh", the Turkish Minister said.
Lt Col Stewart added: "During the mopping-up process, a complete Turkish battery was discovered, the whole of the personnel having been destroyed by a single shell - horses lying harnessed up, and men at their guns, all dead.
Avakubia was introduced as a section of the genus Gulella Pfeiffer, 1856, by Pilsbry (1919) for a single shell of Gulella (Avakubia) avakubiensis Pilsbry, 1919 from the Ituri Forest in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Belgian Congo, Zaire).
North Korean troops near the disputed Yellow Sea border have been ordered to strike back if "even a single shell drops" in their territorial waters, the North's army command said in a recent statement.
North Korea's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea, the country's arm for dealing with cross-border affairs with Seoul, said it will retaliate with "crushing strikes" if enemies intrude into its territory "even an inch, and fire even a single shell.
During the inspection, it said, Kim ordered the soldiers "to deal deadly blows at the enemies and blow up their positions if they fire even a single shell at the territorial waters or land of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
Egg-white omelette is how Hollywood likes to start its day, and now you can breakfast LA-style without cracking a single shell.
Work currently is under way to transfer as much of the waste as possible from leak-prone single shell tanks into the newer double shell tanks until the waste can be treated for disposal.
If the enemy dares recklessly preempt firing and even a single shell drops on the territory of the DPRK, the KPA should lead the battle to a sacred war for national reunification, not confining it to a local war on the southwest region," Kim was quoted by the KCNA as saying.
Ritchey is the type of athlete that shows up for extra practices in the morning, launching a single shell in the dark to get extra miles in before school.
It has super-slim components tailor-made to fit into the innovative single shell body, said a statement.
In addition to this, the commission took review of the premises before it was demolished, and it assessed that although almost half of dozen cohorts of Osama were present at the time of US operation and only single shell of bullet and one mark was found in Osamas bedroom only, where he was killed .