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a chemical bond that involves sharing a pair of electrons between atoms in a molecule

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In subgroup 1, an Adper Single Bond 2 (ASB) ad- hesive (3M ESPE, St.
Draghi and Jorg Asmussen, a member of the ECB's Executive Board, have both insisted recently that the OMT managed to calm the European and global markets without single bond having been actually bought and that there was no violation of law involved.
Turnbull and Asser on Jermyn Street, in London's West End, have fitted shirts for every single Bond actor and made the pyjamas for Judi Dench's M.
El proposito de este estudio fue evaluar in vitro la penetracion de tres sistemas adhesivos: Excite (Ivoclar Vivadent), Prime & Bond NT (Dentsply) y Single Bond (3M ESPE) en el sellado de lesiones naturales de caries interproximal no cavitacional en dientes humanos.
Local experts believe that, while the most likely objectives of the bond issuance are to cover the anticipated 2012 budget deficit and refinance bonds maturing this year, it could be a good chance to move towards a more active government securities market, if funds are raised through a series of bond sales in the open market, instead of a single bond issue.
Instead of raising funds through a single bond issue, the government may consider the issuance of small amounts of T [Treasury] bills and dated securities in an orderly manner, which should help the development of an active debt market in the country," he said.
A part of the molecule can rotate freely around the central axis, a C-C single bond -- the chassis of the car, so to speak.
50%, and the odds against winning a single prize (also shrunk to start at pounds 25) with a single bond are 24,000 to one, the old favourite battles on as everything else collapses around our ears.
Paul, MN, USA) and a total-etch adhesive system (Adper Single Bond 2[R]) (3M ESPE, St.
In a sign that confidence is returning, corporate bond investors did not ask the Bank to buy a single bond on Tuesday for the first time since March 9.
Usaron terceros molares libres de caries divididos en grupos control (sin clorhexidina) y experimental (con clorhexidina), empleando el adhesivo Single Bond Plus (3M ESPE).
The $131,565,000 bond received an Aa2 rating by Moody's Investors Service and represents the largest single bond issue brought to the market by an Arkansas school district, First Security said.
It won't take them long to find stories of how those ladders can collapse like a house of cards when just a single bond goes into default.
2] becomes complexed between two hafnocenes, effectively reducing the triple bond to a single bond.
Every single bond insurer is in a different situation with different strengths and weaknesses.