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Hey, if you have a good singing voice, the rest of us want to have the pleasure of hearing it.
In the beginning I was interested in being a singing voice coach but when I went on the WBDA course it helped me to look at the bigger picture and encouraged me to bring my ideas to life.
Upon follow-up at 6 weeks, she was pleased with the clarity and stability of her midrange voice and the improvement in the high range of her singing voice.
Heirich reviews how to learn to release the lower jaw, how to dome the soft palate and the muscular arches, to "open" the throat, shaping vowels and articulating consonants, breath and support, adjusting vocal folds for frequency of pitch, and how to learn to produce a louder sealing and singing voice.
Once I sifted through those poems using fairly detailed depictions of defecation as a metaphor for love and heartache, the "open-at-your-own-risk" diary quality of the prose, the arbitrary line endings and prosaic images, I had to go listen to one of Jill's CDs to remember what I liked about her most--her singing voice.
He has served on a number of national committees and possesses a fine baritone singing voice, able to harmonize easily.
Which might explain why Cilla has been able to stand the sound of her own singing voice for all these years; or Nicole Kidman lasted so long with Tom Cruise.
Though others in the nineteenth century experimented with laryngeal examinations, Garcia was unique in desiring to study the singing voice.
Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles) Very exciting to have the Getty deign to consider, much less commission, works by contemporary artists, yet despite the generally excellent roster, "Departures" was a dud--save for Prina's Vinyl IL Museological interrogation and dirge in the guise of a musical meditation on two paintings in the Getty's collection--one that looks like a de la Tour but isn't, the other a de la Tour that looks like it's by somebody else--the referential impact of the film skids gorgeously on the third meaning, the unquantifiable fun of Prina's bright red jumpsuit, and the elegiac tonalities of his singing voice.
She was the hip hop poet/vocalist with the Kahlua and Cream delivery that blended poetry, rap, and a sultry contralto singing voice.
He has a beautiful singing voice, and even people passing by and shopkeepers come out to hear him sing gospel songs.
There seems to be more to the sound of a singing voice than meets the human ear.
The BabySleep System CD features a delicately balanced mixture of a mother's rested heartbeat, intrauterine womb sounds (blood and fluid movement), mother's singing voice, mother's breathing, and a carefully constructed low frequency music soundtrack.