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Friend finally suggests that it doesn't matter what Harris is singing so long as Harris gets on and sings it, and Harris, with an evident sense of injustice rankling inside him, requests pianist to begin again.
They said he never once suggested by his tone or manner that he was singing anything funny - that would spoil it.
He glowered round upon us with a look of such concentrated ferocity that, but for our being forewarned as to the German method of comic singing, we should have been nervous; and he threw such a wailing note of agony into the weird music that, if we had not known it was a funny song, we might have wept.
My dear," Harley said to Villa at the conclusion of one such singing, "it's fortunate for him that you are not an animal trainer, or, rather, I suppose, it would be better called 'trained animal show-woman'; for you'd be topping the bill in all the music-halls and vaudeville houses of the world.
With gentle caresses and most tender words the loving Elves gathered about the child, and, with Rose-Leaf by her side, they led her through the palace, and along green, winding paths, till Eva saw what seemed a wall of flowers rising before her, while the air was filled with the most fragrant odors, and the low, sweet music as of singing blossoms.
Do you see yonder lovely spirit singing with my sister Moonlight?
Long Eva watched their shining wings, and listened to the music of their voices as they flew singing home, and when at length the last little form had vanished among the clouds, she saw that all around her where the Elves had been, the fairest flowers had sprung up, and the lonely brook-side was a blooming garden.
Nothing but a little song I heard the hare-bells singing," replied the Fairy, and, taking her harp, sang, in a low, sweet voice:--
Deladis's singing reconnects Lily to the folk music she has always loved, in its most vibrant form.
Finally, Walker uses singing and laughter as metaphors for voice, and uses core songs both to encapsulate primary themes and to mark significant points in the structure and thematic development of these pieces.
If you like to sing in a chorus, we have a place just for singing.
The Singing Machine Company (AMEX:SMD) announced today that it has signed a three-year licensing agreement with MGA Entertainment to produce and distribute a new line of electronic products based on MGA's BRATZ(TM) franchise, one of the world's leading toy lines and girls' lifestyle brands.
They went to a concert and decided that they too wanted to have a go at singing.
The first, in October, found her singing ``Ayre,'' a new folk-song cycle Osvaldo Golijov wrote for her.
Linda Marquart's book, The Right Way to Sing, is a pragmatic approach to singing that would benefit amateurs, beginning voice students and teachers, and choir directors and members.