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sing with a choir or an orchestra

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Im going to motion to you, and we want you to sing along with the choir while the band plays," she told the audience.
We love people to get up and dance and sing along with us - sing all the lines of your favourite songs and dance along with us.
Taylor adds: "Every day I stand backstage during Let It Go and I sing along with the kids.
People who sing along in a foreign language learn almost effortlessly,” said Miriam Plieninger, Babbel's head of content.
Mothers and children joined the Sing Along program at the Museum on Wednesdays to sing along with Sana in Arabic about the seasons, animals, the days of the week and month, numbers, food and more.
To Sing Along the Way Joyce Sutphen, Thom Tammaro & Connie Wanek New Rivers Press 1104 Seventh Avenue South, Moorhead, Minnesota 56563 9780898232325, $17.
I sing along with Bob Seeger because I was brought up on him and Dr Hook, not to mention Abba and Kris Kristofferson.
The first book of the Read Along Symphony series (which is in turn based on the award-winning Sing Along Symphonies music series), Beethoven's Wig is a children's picturebook that combines humor with a love of music.
When they played recorded male solos to pairs of birds, the female joined in to sing along.
Producers, Sing Along Productions, and theatre managers, Clear Channel, said the accident was a result of a 'communications breakdown' between them.
After a short period of time, students often begin to sing along or hum the tune.
A MUSICAL mutt has been hitting the high notes with his attempts to sing along to a TV advert.
Even though he does not understand Italian, he still enjoys the songs of Andrea Bocelli and loves to sing along.
She added: "I might sing along if I get the Dutch Courage.
He's dead-eye correcto when he say's they's great to sing along with though, 'cos I found myself singing my fool head off that night, buddy.