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estrangement from god

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It seemed to him now that he had been humble then when he had always seemed loathsome to himself on account of his sinfulness; and when he remembered the tender feelings with which he had then met an old man who was bringing a drunken soldier to him to ask alms; and how he had received HER, it seemed to him that he had then possessed love also.
You are different from other children, Esther, because you were not born, like them, in common sinfulness and wrath.
Which that thou mayst beleeve, and be confirmd, Ere thou from hence depart, know I am sent To shew thee what shall come in future dayes To thee and to thy Ofspring; good with bad Expect to hear, supernal Grace contending With sinfulness of Men; thereby to learn True patience, and to temper joy with fear And pious sorrow, equally enur'd By moderation either state to beare, Prosperous or adverse: so shalt thou lead Safest thy life, and best prepar'd endure Thy mortal passage when it comes.
Ingratitude was condemned in it, the sinfulness of pride was pointed out--together with the proverbial fact that it "goes before a fall." There were also some sound remarks as to the danger of nonsensical notions and the disadvantages of a quick temper.
Yet the most demanding part of his analysis is his chapter on the sinfulness of the church.
As well as advancing a number of standard and not-so-standard arguments for the sinfulness of white witches, Poeton's treatise offers fascinating insight into his practice as a physician and his own youthful dalliance with magic, making it a significant and prized new source in the history of early modern medicine and witchcraft belief.
She says correctly, "there is no other issue, either foreign or domestic, that is debated in such rancid tones" as the sinfulness of Zionism and Israel.
The phrase comes from a prayer of confession of sinfulness, known as the Confiteor, used during mass.
The Roman Catholic Church marks today the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul, known as the Apostle of the Gentiles, in thanksgiving to God for the miraculous conversion of the revered saint - from a life of sinfulness to holiness.
He said the definition of sinfulness, which was commonly associated with evil consequences, should be seen in the wider context, and not limited to drinking alcoholic beverages and adultery.
To show respect to them, of course, is not to forsake their sinfulness and failures but an eloquent expression of showing mercy to human imperfection which is the central of the Gospel message.
At services, people traditionally are marked with ashes of burnt palm branches as a sign of their recognition of their human frailty as well as sinfulness and need for repentance in their lifelong journey of conversion.
Ashes are meant to symbolize mourning, penance for one's sinfulness and mortality.
By comparing texts contained in the devotional anthology of Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Holkham Miscellany 41, Innes-Parker shows how female authors could move beyond secular, denigrating typecasting of their gender to embrace a model of femininity that could account simultaneously for both female virtue and sinfulness without falling into topoi of either woman-as-saint or woman-as-temptress.
The Catechism of the Catholic Church categories individual sinfulness into venial and mortal sins.