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Synonyms for sinewy

Synonyms for sinewy

characterized by marked muscular development; powerfully built

Synonyms for sinewy

(of meat) full of sinews

Related Words

consisting of tendons or resembling a tendon


(of a person) possessing physical strength and weight

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Singer Madonna and actress Meg Ryan have also been criticised for looking gaunt and sinewy.
During "Coucou" she acquits herself gracefully en Francais, flirting with a sinewy clarinet line as the melody casually unfolds.
Surrounded by motorway junctions, car plants and sports venues, including the sinewy swerve of the Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadium roof, the Mercedes-Benz Museum's towering facade has become the gateway to Stuttgart-Unterturkheim, the birthplace of the automobile.
Pre-BALCO, Bonds had the sinewy, long-limbed build of a marathon runner.
The biggest in this family of so-called catsharks is a bull huss, a muscular, sinewy fighter that is reportedly increasing in numbers, unlike dwindling stocks of some fish.
It even will take--I can hear the screams of horror--a mid-size crossover-type vehicle that adds "space" to "pace" and "grace" by melding the Old World charm of an upscale estate car with the sinewy reflexes and sensuous curves of a sports car.
The main source of light and warmth is Jeanne, a sinewy, stunningly leonine woman.
Skimboarding is gaining muscle with young athletes, especially along Florida's Gulf Coast, where legions of sinewy youngsters are defying gravity--and competing for titles.
Canadian rocker Roberts serves up a huge, meaty platter of sinewy musicianship in the service of a formative poetic voice.
Listen, for example, to "Non, t'ami piu." Long-breathed and easily, Heppner glides along the sinewy lines of this intense little gem as if it were an exercise in bel canto.
Taut, lyrical, rife with a sense of the catalyzing tension of every act of being alive, Dillon's sinewy, sensual (literally so, engaging all the senses) prose grapples equally with the "risk in repetition, in a foreshortened history of desire," the landscapes of the Sierras, Big Sur, and Mexico, and the feel of eating moldy cheese in a rundown urban apartment.
Their muscular bodies ripple with a sinewy strength that renders them invulnerable and invincible.
BILL Let's consider some words used to describe tall girls: statuesque, sinewy, supermodel.
The player in question was certainly on the field for the first half at least, his long, sinewy limbs and patch of grease or whatever it is on the middle of his shirt making him an unmistakable figure.
When Theseus (Willem Dafoe) beat his sinewy chest and thundered at his son "Look at me!" it was down a swimming-pool ladder at the edge of the stage that humiliated Hippolytus slunk in pain.