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Synonyms for sinew

the state or quality of being physically strong

Synonyms for sinew

a cord or band of inelastic tissue connecting a muscle with its bony attachment

possessing muscular strength

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Background: Sinew acupuncture is a new modality of acupuncture in which needles are inserted into acupoints, ashi points or spasm points of sinew and muscles along the meridian sinew pathway.
of to I thought the players left every sinew of energy out on that pitch
I'm not suggesting we hold an annual festive hunt of cloning loin cloths, sinew backed bows and stuffing sweet grass in the buck's mouth before eating its liver, raw, all to honor our ancestors.
The title track is a simple delight gently picked out on guitar; Never Gonna recalls Cat Stevens; Heart Of Stone adds swamp rock sinew. Best is the soulful Justified but every song justifies your cash.
Two mighty forces straining every sinew to the last to be victorious, writes Phil Agius.
But as she reached out to shake hands with a fan, her arms appeared to be just bones and sinew. Posh's collarbone also seemed to jut out and her chest bone was visible.
The boy named, Cheng Yu, was rushed to the hospital with a broken sinew and had to undergo an emergency surgery.
Nerve and sinew damage were also caused to the boy's left arm.
"They're cutting deep into muscle, sinew and bone now," guild representative Carl Hall told Geluardi.
Every neuron in my body, every muscle, tendon, and sinew is primed for movement at a moment's notice.
Meat and organs were used for food, while bones, hides, antlers and sinew (the tough tissue that connects muscle to bone--also known as tendon) were used in making a variety of items, including tools, clothing, arrows and ceremonial implements.
Having visited the site during perfect seasonal conditions, to discuss mechanics of construction seems somewhat unnecessary, especially as the architect himself made surprisingly apologetic references to his overt expression of structure sinew and skin.
Edouard Collin is a tall wisp of a French teenager, all well-tanned Parisian sinew with a sharp-angled, warmly expressive face born to be placed in front of a camera.