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Synonyms for simultaneousness

happening or existing or done at the same time

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the happening is completely fortuitous, in the literature of this hemisphere (as in the lesser world of meinong), ideal objects abound invoked and dissolved momentarily, according to poetic necessity, sometimes, the faintest simultaneousness brings them about, there are objects made up of two sense elements, one visual, the other auditory--the color of a sunrise and the distant call of a bird.
There is a simultaneousness in the poem, a total picture: the image, sense, or feeling that emerges and constitutes an impression of wholeness (or one can say "holeness" also), that stilled movement of inevitability.
The US report included the simultaneousness of the international system with the increase of geopolitical challenges, which might broaden the margin of potential great international conflicts, surprises, and major turns.
Unlike the Father, who symbolizes separation, absence, and singular meaning, the maternal metaphorical image represents multiplicity, presence, and simultaneousness of the I and the other.
It engages itself in a dialogue with the contemporary tenets of thought of that particular moment on a high intellectual level, and in so doing shows that it is able to grasp timeliness as "the simultaneousness of the non-simultaneous" ("Gleichzeitigkeit des Nichtgleichzeitigen").
Not having had to cope with an economic and political transformation at the same time, it is usually argued that China has escaped the dilemma of simultaneousness.
It is potentially even more difficult to represent the saying without the said offered to the other in proximity, which is "indescribable in the literal sense of the term, unconvertible into a history, irreducible to the simultaneousness of writing .
In sum, the key in these ten years has been the eruption of simultaneousness and immediacy as the great bulwarks of globalization.
A consequence of the fact that "physical onlineness," or physical co-presence and simultaneousness, is replaced in chats by a temporal and physical spelling-out and sequencing (cf.
Thus the simultaneousness of policy-making and institutional change resulted in highly complex politics.
Gathered into an a-temporal simultaneousness, Aristotle and Lobachevsky appeared there, together with Euclid and Bolyai, Plato and Dedekind with Eudoxus and the Cardinal of Cusa, Zeno, and Saccheri with Hegel and Cantor, Plotinus and Mallarme with Hilbert; Descartes and Valery with Franz Rosenzweig and Thomas Aquinas; simultaneous pasts, they were all gathered together, hic et nunc, in the present of a sole totality whose connection was commentary.
The paper concludes that the simultaneousness of sports broadcasting can help us better understand how we cognitively use metaphors to conceptualize events in life.