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Synonyms for simultaneousness

happening or existing or done at the same time

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The official underscored, in this vein, that opting for or against the simultaneousness of elections is a political decision and that ISIE members are under the obligation of discretion.
These are rips out of reality, perceptions like snapshots, embodiments of glances," the artist remarked of his shirts, cigarettes, cakes, and the like, molded out of lumpen muslin, wire, and plaster and slopped with bright enamel, and through these "eye-clusters" he aimed to present a "formal model for a kind of visual experience," one that involved "fragmentation, simultaneousness, super-imposition.
Furthermore, a lack of ecumenical simultaneousness can no longer be taken into account.
There is a simultaneousness in the poem, a total picture: the image, sense, or feeling that emerges and constitutes an impression of wholeness (or one can say "holeness" also), that stilled movement of inevitability.
the happening is completely fortuitous, in the literature of this hemisphere (as in the lesser world of meinong), ideal objects abound invoked and dissolved momentarily, according to poetic necessity, sometimes, the faintest simultaneousness brings them about, there are objects made up of two sense elements, one visual, the other auditory--the color of a sunrise and the distant call of a bird.
The US report included the simultaneousness of the international system with the increase of geopolitical challenges, which might broaden the margin of potential great international conflicts, surprises, and major turns.