simultaneous equations

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a set of equations in two or more variables for which there are values that can satisfy all the equations simultaneously

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i] is the backward error introduced in solving the linear simultaneous equation [z.
The simultaneous equation estimates proved to be highly significant for economic value creation equation in both subsamples and for leverage in the multinational subsample.
Inserting the operators from (A2) into (A10) and rearranging the result leads to the two simultaneous equations
Therefore, we also conduct a structural simultaneous equations time-series analysis examining the impact of investor demand on convertible bond issue volumes.
Hypothesis testing is performed by simultaneous equations.
That result is substantially weakened in the simultaneous equations model estimates, lending credibility to the model assumptions.
1959): "The Bias and Moment Matrix of the General k-Class Estimators of Parameters in Simultaneous Equations," Econometrica, 27, 575-595.
We use the following simultaneous equations system based upon the framework provided by these researchers
Doornik and Hendry (no affiliations given) show teachers and researchers how to master the interface between PCGive and OxMetrics before providing tutorials on cointegration analysis, simultaneous equations and advanced VAR modelling.
The nature of those relationships--that is, the transmission mechanism--was clarified by systems of simultaneous equations.
1962: Three-stage least squares: Simultaneous estimation of simultaneous equations.
OXFORD is often thought of as the land of dreaming spires, the stomping ground of Tory boys David Cameron and Boris Johnson and a university reserved for freakish mathematicians who love nothing better than to relax with a book of simultaneous equations.
It's rather disappointing to have to acknowledge that my daily life will not require me to know the direction in which blood flows round the pulmonary vein or what happens when an electron meets a neutron; nor shall I have occasion to do simultaneous equations or decline a third conjugation Greek verb (or is it noun?
This article investigates the impact of CMSA population on team revenue, the MR of a win, and team win percent (WP) for Major League Baseball (MLB) using a log-linear simultaneous equations model for the 1997-2001 seasons.
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