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Synonyms for simulated

Synonyms for simulated

made to imitate something else

Synonyms for simulated

not genuine or real

reproduced or made to resemble

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At the end of the simulated opening participants were asked to fill out surveys in an effort to gauge the experience and provide their feedback.
The most striking signs of that authenticity, Griffeath says, show up in comparisons between intermediate stages of simulated snowflake growth and of lab-grown crystals filmed by Libbrecht and others.
Current research and development at one research laboratory provides a framework for creating highly realistic simulated humans.
Well, wouldn't you, if your simulated bank account had $3m in it?
In the 1980s, Forbes and fellow dermatologists at Temple University in Philadelphia launched the first phototoxicity tests using simulated sunlight when they tested retinoic acid (Retin-A).
8 feet in length and a weight of 72,000 pounds, the simulated QuickReach(TM) drop test article matches the characteristics of an operational rocket.
Deisboeck's group simulated cancer cells as agents, subjecting them to fluctuating concentrations of EGF and associated molecules that affect EGF's behavior.
The aircraft also successfully avoided another simulated anti-aircraft site that popped up on their flight to the target, Boeing and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency officials said.
Traditionally, filling is simulated most accurately using the fully coupled Navier-Stokes equations and an appropriate turbulence model.
The University of Massachusetts at Amherst is conducting an 18-month project to measure process variance in simulated part trials.
Tekelec also is using Ixia's IxVoice in field trials to simulate IMS subscribers and verify the functionality and performance of SMS messages to other simulated subscribers and real SIP-enabled devices within an IMS environment.
A neutralizing agent could return the simulated cantilever to its original configuration.
This proved out the integration of electronics and hydraulics, which were simulated separately though not integrated with the 3D solid modeling tools.
SANTA CLARITA - As students on one side of town Thursday grieved the death of a former Valencia High student in a car crash, Canyon High students watched a simulated collision meant to teach them about the dangers of drunk driving.
This modelling approach can allow for the effects of non-uniform filter inlet flow conditions in a particular car to be simulated thus permitting an assessment of the soot distribution inside.