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Synonyms for simulate

Synonyms for simulate

to contrive and present as genuine

to behave affectedly or insincerely or take on a false or misleading appearance of

to take on or give a false appearance of

Synonyms for simulate

reproduce someone's behavior or looks

create a representation or model of


Related Words

make a pretence of

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A virtual crystal created by an algorithm that simulates those factors exhibits comparable stages of development (left to right in bottom row).
FineSim SPICE contains a full SPICE simulation engine with distributed processing that enables customers to simulate large-scale mixed-signal system chips at the transistor level.
To find the ones likely to represent those of catalytic nanoparticles, the Stanford team used computer models to simulate many different atomic configurations and calculate their stabilities.
You can't necessarily simulate how people are going to react.
Features include a database of eight materials, an automatic meshing function, ability to simulate stretch-blowing, and an interface to Ansys structural-analysis software.
Our original motivation was not to simulate magnetic field reversals.
SimHydraulics allows developers of controlled hydraulic systems to model and simulate controllers and plant models together.
Tekelec also is using Ixia's IxVoice in field trials to simulate IMS subscribers and verify the functionality and performance of SMS messages to other simulated subscribers and real SIP-enabled devices within an IMS environment.
Eberspacher's MATLAB based diesel filter tool simulates 1D channels during loading and regeneration and then because it is closely coupled with FLUENT's 3D CFD flow modeling datasets it can simulate a complete diesel filter's behavior for local particulate buildup and regeneration over time.
The 17-year-old used his own desktop computer to simulate a neutral network that directed a simulated robotic arm to "see" and catch a simulated bouncing ball.
Key to the success of the PAMS project is the ability to simulate networks in real-time on parallel shared-memory machines and parallel clusters.
A few have teamed up with other researchers to make artificial "insects" based on these computer models or to create realistic environments that simulate on a computer what animals encounter in real life.
The result of 10 years R&D, DEM Solutions' EDEM software enables engineers across a broad spectrum of industries - chemical, pharmaceutical, materials processing, mining, agriculture - to simulate and analyze the behavior of particulate matter (pills, pellets, aggregates etc.
Subjects were also asked to suppress startle responses after being warned of an impending gunshot and to simulate a startle when there was no gunshot.
The company's flagship software product, GoldSim, is used to create computer models that simulate the performance of complex systems in business, engineering and science.