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Synonyms for simulacrum

Synonyms for simulacrum

an insubstantial or vague semblance

a representation of a person (especially in the form of sculpture)

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But he eventually moves on to a version of non-cognitivism that allows humans at least to value by bestowing value in some way that is not merely a simulacrum of valuing, but is constitutive of the only kind of reality there is for value.
Gayle says: "Mauritius is becoming a simulacrum of what we want exoticism to be.
Convinced that Kerry's been kidnapped by Season, they begin to track the two women with the unsolicited help of a simulacrum, one of Mother Blessing's dangerous and magical henchmen.
In postmodern jargon, a simulacrum is a copy of an original that never existed--Disneyland's Main Street, for instance.
The relationship between real and simulacrum emerges in a number of contributions.
Besides, the trouble with the real, or how we conceive of the real in the postmodern era, has many other aspects to it, beyond just the relation of the real to the simulacrum.
Coleridge's erasure of a clear line between origins and reproductions complicates the well-known and persistent interpretation of the simulacrum as a degenerate phenomenon that resists the essence of the original because it is founded on difference or, to put it even more negatively, on falsehood.
In recent days, we've had the simulacrum of such a battle.
It becomes a simulacrum that allows governments to avoid making real decisions.
In this respect, cinema and theater share a concern with reflecting on strategies of producing the simulated image or simulacrum that each type of spectacle constitutes.
The simulacrum is extended further through a series of fantasy fiction books based on the various card sets as well as in playing the game in an online version.
Although the ironic tone of this novel helps to reveal its ethical undercurrent, the novel has little to do with "authorial action" but much more to do with the role that the simulacrum plays in postmodern culture.
At the same time, the bishops said legal registration should apply only to civic rights and should not be a simulacrum of marriage.
The initiative process is a breezy simulacrum of democracy that, along with its crew of voters, has been coopted by the moneyed few.
Evans, son of trainer Alfie Evans, who concentrates mainly on the point- to-point scene, has been working for Dermot Weld for almost six years and previous wins for the trainer, for whom he is a valuable work rider, included hurdle-race successes on Humbel and Simulacrum, owned, like Archive Footage, by Michael Smurfit.