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Synonyms for simpleness

Synonyms for simpleness

a lack of penetration or subtlety

the quality of being simple or uncompounded


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freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort

lack of ornamentation

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Subjective measures have the advantages of noninterference and simpleness, but they need participants to adopt the method of introspection to assess the load level, which may lead to deviation.
Though there are so many techniques to overcome the difficulty, we employ the scheme of Chambolle [9,18] for its effectiveness and simpleness.
Therefore, in this paper Granger Causality is used to enhance the accuracy and computation simpleness for multivariate time serie mode.
The second is the interplay of this artwork with pottery also on display, made by Dan Schmitt, a local artisan whose creative ethos embraces the same concepts of harmony and simplicity, not to be confused with simpleness.
6) The rapidity and the simpleness of this approach demonstrate its high potential for a broad range of scientific questions.
It is not surprising if the growth of natural philosophy is checked, when religion, the thing which has the most power over men's minds, has by the simpleness and incautious zeal of certain persons been drawn to take part against her.
Jenkin's simpleness leads him to relate his gambling and apple-stealing exploits and he is roundly beaten as the result of his confession (11.
Regretfully, in Islamic jurisprudence and testimonies, only general statements and principles have been mentioned about the necessity of observing and respecting justice in judgment[28] which is probably due to the simpleness and ease of judgment and lack of complexity in judgment at the initial eras of Islamic history.