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Synonyms for simpleness

Synonyms for simpleness

a lack of penetration or subtlety

the quality of being simple or uncompounded


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freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort

lack of ornamentation

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When released, some prominent critics did, indeed, mistake Slaughterhouse-Fire's simple prose style for plain simpleness, but history sides with Vonnegut's legion of fans; the book is included in both Time magazine's and Modern Library's lists of the 100 best novels of the 2oth century.
The generation of dsDNA led to the aggregation of AuNPs, The advantages of this sensor include simpleness and high detection sensitivity.
Mostashari: I think we need to establish a universal base of simple exchange that can support planned care and simpleness, so that when a patient asks for their record, or asks for their record to be continually forwarded to their electronic health home, that can take place; and so that when someone sends a referral, that that can take place.
The tensometric translators are used in large scale due the simpleness and the extended domain for application from 7 to 700 bar (Alexandrescu et al.
The Basarwa's art is certainly proof of the high level of consciousness that indicates the lack of simpleness, and consequently, the degree and measure of their intelligence as the equivalent to current civilisation.