simple mastectomy

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removal of a breast leaving the underlying muscles and the lymph nodes intact

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Ten of the patients underwent simple mastectomy and SLN biopsy and one patient underwent tumour excision and SLN biopsy.
Some women with LCIS may elect prophylactic bilateral simple mastectomy followed by immediate reconstruction as a treatment option.
There were no muscles or skin grafts needed and in the end, the clearances were so good, they were able to perform a simple mastectomy, taking only two lymph nodes.
Complete resolution was obtained in 8 patients and one had a simple mastectomy.
As in any other breast cancer, simple mastectomy with axillary clearance or segmental resection depending on the tumor size is the treatment of choice.
MASTECTOMY QUESTION EXAMPLE Upon admission to the surgical unit, a simple mastectomy patient has vital signs of BP 100/60, HR 100, and RR 16.
Following a multidisciplinary discussion, the patient consented to treatment with a simple mastectomy, sentinel lymph node (SLN) biopsy with per-operative assessment using OSNA (SYSMEX corp) and axillary dissection (AND) if the SLN proved positive.
Without reconstruction, the majority of patients have a simple mastectomy without an axillary procedure.
After resolving anaemia with transfusions, left simple mastectomy was carried out in our hospital for a similar clinical presentation in the left breast.
The present study's choice of evaluating QoL approximately 7 months after diagnosis may be late enough to capture most of the surgical morbidity associated with a simple mastectomy, but may not capture that associated with reconstruction (which may be delayed), nor the long-term adverse consequences of radiation therapy accompanying BCT, which may take years to manifest.
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