simple mastectomy

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removal of a breast leaving the underlying muscles and the lymph nodes intact

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The present study's choice of evaluating QoL approximately 7 months after diagnosis may be late enough to capture most of the surgical morbidity associated with a simple mastectomy, but may not capture that associated with reconstruction (which may be delayed), nor the long-term adverse consequences of radiation therapy accompanying BCT, which may take years to manifest.
A prophylactic left simple mastectomy was performed at the same time and showed no significant histologic abnormality.
There are several surgical operations to remove a breast tumour such as lumpectomy (only the lump), partial and simple mastectomy, but in all of them your mum's surgeon will aim to take away the smallest part of the breast that will get rid of the cancer.
He reported on 432 DCIS patients treated by breast-conserving therapy or simple mastectomy.
Independent influence of state and HMO payer on likelihood of receiving an outpatient CMAS was determined from multivariate models, adjusting for clinical characteristics (age [less than]50 years, comorbidity, metastases, simple mastectomy, breast reconstruction) and hospital characteristics (teaching, ownership, urban).
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