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It was served with a simple leaf salad, tomatoes drizzled in oil and rostinis, which were bursting with herby flavours.
That a simple leaf can herald hope and joy appears quite incredible, and as autumn enters its final stages, the chinar is at work again, preparing for the grand finale of its fall collection that carpets the ground to add a degree of romance.
The QUICK KNIFE system is a simple leaf spring with a welded bolt.
One of these is Sage Leaf, a simple leaf pattern on green and white.
Avocado and Soy Dressing works well with a simple leaf salad.
Here, a simple leaf branch adds texture and a nod to nature in this otherwise unadorned space.
The simple leaf consists of one blade per petiole, such as found on an oak leaf (Figure 6-9).
A simple leaf of A4 paper is not normally the stuff of warm and fuzzy spine-tingles.
Choose a simple leaf design or a real leaf, and sketch the shape on tracing paper to make a pattern template.
Unifoliate mutants are characterized by a transformation of the typical compound leaf into a simple leaf.
Here we have his potted guide to such useful tricks as finding water in a desert, lighting a fire without matches, making a simple leaf hut and the culinary delights of such diverse foods as the nettle, lichen and witchetty grub, which (in the words of a restaurant critic) he pronounced "delicious".