simple harmonic motion

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periodic motion in which the restoring force is proportional to the displacement

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The original motivation for these ideas was to devise ways to improve the accuracy of our knowledge of G by timing the oscillation period of the simple harmonic motion.
In the back row are Sarah Bakun of Clinton, Megan Gallagher of Upton, and Meredith Gibbons of Lancaster, along with Simple Harmonic Motion members Anthony Del Vecchio of Worcester, Joel Reed of Townsend, and Nate Piper of Worcester.
Using a plastic "slinky" students model a simple harmonic motion to introduce trigonometric functions.
Sinusoidal motion is sometimes referred to as simple harmonic motion, because most musical instruments produce vibrations composed of such waves.
In other words, and in contrast to the simple harmonic motion, the uncertainties do not reverse themselves, only the precise values.
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