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Simple bone cyst versus odontogenic keratocyst: differential diagnosis by digitized panoramic radiography.
Unicameral bone cyst (UBC), also known as simple bone cyst or solitary bone cyst, as the names implies, is generally a unilocular and solitary lesion, which may appear multilocular.
femur, with fracture 1 Fibrous Dysplasia with shepherd's crook deformity 1 Simple Bone cyst of prox, Femur 1 Osteoid osteoma prox.
Bertoni et al (2) attempted to exclude from their 1988 series any lesions showing definite histologic evidence of "metaphyseal fibrous defect, benign fibrous histiocytoma, aneurysmal bone cyst, simple bone cyst, fibrous dysplasia, osteomyelitis, histiocytosis X, a storage disease, hyperlipoproteinemia, or giant cell tumor.
Simple bone cyst represents approximately 3% of all primary bone tumors sampled for biopsy and nearly always occur during the first two decades of life.
The differential diagnosis includes simple bone cyst, ABC (primary or secondary), chondroblastoma, giant cell tumor (GCT), osteosarcoma, ossifying hematoma or pseudotumor of hemophilia.
Calcaneal bone cysts include both neoplastic and non-neoplastic conditions, ranging from simple bone cyst to aggressive telangiectatic osteosarcoma5.
When they occur in the pre existing bony lesion like simple bone cyst, aneurismal bone cyst, fibrous dysplasia and some malignant tumours they are called as xanthomatous variant (5).
Simple bone cysts are benign lesions in growing children.
Among the JST patients, giant cell tumor, osteochondroma, fibrous dysplasia, and simple bone cysts were the 4 leading tumor types, accounting for 66.
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