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with a lack of courage and determination

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Don't think: Deciding between letting my kids watch this or one of those simperingly bland after-school specials from the '70s feels as dire as ``Sophie's Choice.
Then there was Amanda Holden demonstrating her range as an actress by simperingly demurely when she bumped into former lover Neil Morrissey at a party.
Polite circles played for simperingly small or unfathomably large wagers an endless variety of card games; indeed, some of the newly-invented ones, Thomas M.
Ed Harris is OTT as the troubled genius while Diane Kruger is a little too simperingly annoying as Anna Holtz, his muse.
Don't think for one second that when southern pundits talk dreamily of an all-Ireland league they are blinking simperingly in the direction of Coleraine, Crusaders, Cliftonville, Ballymena, Donegal Celtic or any other northern club you care to mention.
As Michael Bluth, the one rational member of a family cluttered with imbecilic, greedy and misguided boobs, his every reaction to the other members of his family - which includes, among others, corrupt patriarch Jeffrey Tambor (``The Larry Sanders Show''), simperingly spoiled sister Portia de Rossi (``Ally McBeal'') and breathtakingly boobish brother-in-law David Cross (``Mr.
The raison d'etre for ``The Real Roseanne Show'' comes within the first minutes: ``I need attention,'' Roseanne Barr brays simperingly.
As he handed out the mugs of char he had just made, he smiled simperingly at one of the judges and said: "There you are, sir, and I think you'll find it will be one of the greatest cups of tea ever made.
He steers son Bobby's musical tastes away from gangsta rap (``When I was your age, we had these things called 'songs' '') and toward sappy boy-band simpering, even agreeing to chaperone Bobby and his pals to a concert, only to discover 4 Skore isn't as simperingly innocent as he imagined.