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Warren Bryant--in reviving Longs Drug Stores and simonizing it for sale, he did what he could do for Walgreens.
Moreover, the boutiques have had a simonizing effect on the retailer's mass beauty business, one already enhanced by the full-time presence of beauty consultants trained to provide a variety of consultative services.
Given the chance, Brunner was instrumental in simonizing Walgreens' mix and presentation, adding a variety of new items and categories, and creatively calling attention to the retailer's offerings in ways that hadn't been thought of before.
For now, the NACDS membership must be content to wait and see what happens, knowing that, in his 10 years as NACDS president, Ron Ziegler has not missed yet, always pushing the envelope, always improving the association, invariably both simonizing the chain drug industry and improving the lot of its members.
Every once in a while someone comes along who touches the chain drug industry and the people within it, simonizing the industry's character while simultaneously enhancing its status.