simmer down

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become quiet or calm, especially after a state of agitation

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The Wailers recorded ground-breaking ska and reggae songs such as Simmer Down, Trenchtown Rock, Nice Time, War, Stir It Up and Get Up, Stand Up.
"Simmer Down can be a statement - let that day count, let people leave feeling inspired.
Still very much present and correct - five albums in - are the chewy verbal gobbets "summat in your teeth", and "simmer down and pucker up", which continue to release their flavour through multiple mastications.
I honestly think, everybody needs to simmer down, and get over a few woolly legs being pulled off.
London, Jan 25( ANI ): AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi has once again tried to simmer down rumours around Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli's move to San Siro, saying the Italian giants don't have enough funds to secure his signing.
IT MAY have been centuries since the debate on the Shroud of Turin first began, but the fire in the controversy has refused to simmer down. And for a man who has prodded the hot issue in his new book The Sign ( Penguin UK) Thomas de Wesselow seems to be unnerved with all the bricks being flung at him.
Then one of Bob Marley's best moments - it sometimes seems his finest hour to me, depending which way the wind blows - arrives with Simmer Down, all upbeat ska sangfroid and a wonderful lyric: 'Simmer down, for the battle will be hotter'.
No, it was not trying to simmer down the situation surrounding the uncalled action from his goalkeeper Majid Nasser.
Pipe down and simmer down, you don't need to put me down or give me a dressing down.
East Coast was expected to simmer down somewhat Sunday, but forecasters said states in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast will still be feeling the heat wave, according to AP.
There was no need for caretaker Telecom Minister Charble Nahhas to dramatize things because at the end he will simmer down and he will eventually be convinced by the constitution and the law, Houry said.
They were both so angry, the crew had to take a break for an hour for things to simmer down."
"SIMMER down, save your voices for the conversations you will be having with the voters," Speaker Bercow ordered boisterous backbenchers during the last Prime Minister's Questions ahead of the election.
Going to the Flames: The old Stipendiary Magistrate, Ignatius Morgan fixed it; fixed it with soft soap and the passing of time, first a day and a night, then a week, then a second postponement of the inquest, and all done with a word in the coroner's ear, letting things simmer down, as if evil spirits would go away, soft-shoeing over the tramway like vanishing gypsies who'd done their stint of filching and were now eager to creep off.