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someone who makes or repairs articles of silver

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Founded in 2015, Silversmith Capital Partners is a Boston-based growth equity firm with USD 1.
lt;B Silversmith Ernest Parton with the FA Cup trophy which was used from 1992 until Arsenal's victory in 2014.
Jim Quagliaroli, Managing Partner of Silversmith stated, "We are excited to partner with Adam and his team.
Storr's role was to oversee more than 500 silversmiths and craftsmen in their workshops supplying the massive 10,000 ounces of high quality wrought pieces needed every month to meet demand.
What we do know is that he did go on to be one of the great silversmiths of his time.
The Football Association (FA), which pays London silversmiths Thomas Lyte an annual fixed fee for looking after the 132-year old trophy, had footed a bill of around of 3000 pounds to restore the Cup, which will be won by either Manchester City or Wigan Athletic at Wembley on Saturday, the Mirror reports.
She uses the objects from the Cahn collection to weave a narrative of early American silver and silversmiths in her introductory essay, which is followed by 39 detailed entries full of concise and piercing analysis.
The piece bears the mark of William Davenport, a silversmith based in Birmingham who produced silver pieces such as tableware and desk items during the early 20th Century.
We are turning something that is of little value into something that is aesthetically pleasing," she told Gulf News at the workshop co-hosted by silversmith Gisbert Stach and organised by Nuqat Design Conference 2012.
7) In order to produce pieces that are within the Plains German silver traditional style, the silversmith should use small stamps, not the large ones found on Southwestern jewelry.
A BAHRAINI silversmith with more than half a century of experience has voiced concerns that the craft he loves is on the verge of dying out.
PUIFORCAT, THE FRENCH SILVERSMITH KNOWN FOR ITS HIGH-END FLATWARE AND OTHER tabletop items, is launching a cutlery line in collaboration with French chef Pierre Gagnaire.
THE last silversmith in Bahrain, Abdul Razak Al Roomi, has urged jewellery lovers to give his precious metal a chance as the demand for white gold continues to grow.
The box is marked "JS" for James Smillie (or Smellie), a Quebec City jeweller and retail silversmith who sold both British and locally made silver wares.
The silversmith from the Tobique First Nation in New Brunswick didn't make the trip to Rome in late April with the delegation of Native leaders and residential school survivors, but the crucifix he was commissioned to craft for Pope Benedict XVI did.