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an adult male gorilla with grey hairs across the back

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The project, which features 109 condominiums marks Silverback's first condominium in Long Island City.
Sadly, Kanyongi died earlier this year following a fight with a rival silverback, but his legacy continues - in both the cups of steaming espresso and the continuing success of gorilla tourism in this East African country.
Nico, one of the world's oldest silverback gorillas, has died aged 56
But Blundell saw something as a 12-year-old in 1983 that has produced an extraordinary spiritual convergence in the present between herself, a photographer in Cincinnati, and a silverback gorilla called Harambe.
On 21 November 2016, an affiliate of Riverstone Holdings LLC entered into a purchase agreement with Silverback to acquire 100% of its leasehold interests and related upstream assets in Reeves County for an aggregate purchase price of USD 855m in cash, subject to certain adjustments.
The origins of Silverback Grooming are similar to those of Olio; Shillig said he was looking for a way to combat having an itchy beard without breaking the bank.
Standing at around six-feet tall and weighing 105kg, Brazilian jiujitsu instructor Wayne "The Silverback" Samways got his nickname due to his fighting style, small and stocky build and huge beard.
Jambo the silverback gorilla rose to fame after five-yearold Levan Merritt fell into his enclosure in 1986.
Welshman Jim Williams thrashed the Silverback 3-0 in their first-round clash, the opening match of the tournament.
An extended flexible coupling, the SilverBack XL is a trenchless product that will serve as a useful tool for municipalities and underground contractors to create --permanent, strong pipe connections.
The latest one to arrive here is the Silverback, and as a change of pace, I asked the company to send a 10mm instead of .45 ACP (it's offered in both chamberings).
"Our Planet'' is being produced by U.K.-based Silverback Films in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund, an independent conservation group.
They painted a picture of culture where macho police chiefs behaved like silverback gorillas - dominant and impervious to criticism.