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of a white that resembles silver

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The drone is approximately two feet long and one foot high with a two-foot wingspan, and is silver-white in color.
The initial four grades include 119 Way RMP (Polar White), said to captivate with its silver-white pearl luster effect and excellent resistance against weathering and yellowing.
Sydney -- One of Australia's greatest sporting mysteries may have been solved after a silver-white bodysuit thought to be the one Cathy Freeman wore when she lit the 2000 Olympic flame - believed lost or stolen - turned up.
by Pajhwok reporter on 29 April, 2014 - 18:46 KABUL (Pajhwok): Afghanistan has vast lithium reserves, just like other natural resources, but the illegal excavation and smuggling of the silver-white has been unchecked due to the poor strategy of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, officials and experts say.
The troop of small black monkeys, with their distinctive silver-white mane, escaped on Monday as video footage of one being captured emerged yesterday.
"The iPhone 5S is also likely to provide the colour palette for both new slates, which will come in gold, silver-white and graphite grey.
In a telescope, Venus currently appears as a dazzling silver-white almost "half moon" phase, but in the nights to come it will gradually become a thick crescent while growing larger as it swings around its orbit closer to Earth.
Cadmium is a silver-white metal element that's commonly used as a protective coating, a hardener, a battery component and a paint pigment.
lithium A soft, silver-white metal used in lithium-ion batteries.
Christie, with swept back silver-white hair and a light tan, was in terrific form, twirling to his excellent band and punctuating the evening with self-deprecatory humour.
It's a soft and light, silver-white metal known for its use in mood stabilising drugs.
Merck Patent GmbH has been granted a patent for an effect pigment, which is a silver-white effect pigment, a colored interference pigment or an effect pigment having a non-flake appearance comprising an Si[O.sub.2] flake substrate having a thickness of from 50 nm to 150 nm, coated with only one layer of a metal oxide, metal oxide hydrate, metal suboxide, or metal fluoride or only one layer of a mixture of two or more of these materials.
The product offering includes several FDA compliant products and specialty color lines, including silver-white, interference, gold luster, iron, crystal, colored, silky bronze, antique, super sparkle and diamond series intended for plastics, coatings and inks applications.
The clear snow-white mass tone, higher hiding power compared to conventional silver-white cosmetic pigments and unique brilliance of Timiron Synwhite 40 provides precious shimmering silver-white effects to cosmetic products.
Stachys Big Ears and Silver Carpet both have woolly, silver-white leaves.