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Synonyms for silver-tongued

fluently persuasive and forceful

Synonyms for silver-tongued

expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively

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When fellow conman Honest Sibanda, 39, of Hull, who received three years, tried his silver-tongued approach on a cab driver, his would-be prey promptly flagged down a police car.
Accompanying Jack on his quest to find Lucy and restore water to the fortress of Din Guardi are Pega, a village slave girl whom he frees; the Norse warrior maiden Thorgil, whom he rescues from a burial in moss; and a silver-tongued slave named Brutus, who turns out to be a descendent of Lancelot.
Although the serious study of crime as a social and cultural phenomenon is relatively recent, historians have come to rely on its silver-tongued eloquence.
Through athletics, music, food, or just "hanging out," a new wave of presidents are proving that they are more than just silver-tongued, Ph.D.-bearing fundraising experts, but regular Joes and Janes who possess a genuine interest in getting to know their students.
Hear an Irish accent and you think of silver-tongued charmers like Terry Wogan.
CEOs do tend to be silver-tongued and no doubt there are those who are merely doing a canny self-repositoning.
Besides Phil, today's soothsayers include sportscasters, stock market observers, meteorologists, economists and, sad to say, a few silver-tongued CEOs.
Among other silver-tongued diamond denizens and their aphorisms are:
A tailor-made monicker for a silver-tongued devil like me.
Like Clinton, Barry never forgets a name, and he is a silver-tongued devil whose charm powers are legendary.
The book begins when Covington, a devout English youth of twelve, is lured to sea by the silver-tongued sailor/evangelist John Phipps.
Courtly and silver-tongued, he glided through careers as a teacher, principal and school administrator.
She became a silver-tongued orator without the asking.
Instead of trusting his nominating speech to a silver-tongued orator type, he gave the nod to a profoundly speech-impeded guest on his radio show, Fred "The Elephant Boy" Schreiber, whose mush-mouthed proclamations were unintelligible to the audience.