silver bullet

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a simple guaranteed solution for a difficult problem

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Silver Bullet Therapeutics has developed and patented antimicrobial coating processes as well as implants and medical devices to address surgical-site infections and hospital-acquired infections.
CEO, Silver Bullet Technology, Bryan Clark, said, "Image quality assurance at the source provides faster cheque-clearing.
Thousands of bottles of Silver Bullet Gun Oil have been distributed since July of 2004 by its creator to members of ALL U.
FUN RUN Silver Bullet manages the marketing and PR for the Gregg's Children's Cancer Run account free of charge each year.
Previously a marketing assistant at North East enterprise agency Tedco, Kerry proved her dedication and enthusiasm for her new role by taking part in the Gregg''s Children's Cancer Run, for which Silver Bullet carries out marketing support services free of charge each year.
My friend Lee, an experienced advisor with about 20 MDRT Top of the Table qualifications said, "I am always looking for that silver bullet.
Providing a silver spoon is better than searching for a silver bullet.
There is unlikely to be a silver bullet unless nuclear fusion becomes an option.
However, our impatient and instant-gratification culture has continued to push for something quicker, something easier, to address alcoholism and addictions, some silver bullet to reduce the effort and cost involved in "fixing" alcoholics and addicts.
This is significant but it's not the silver bullet bringing down the system.
Birmingham-based technology negotiation specialist Silver Bullet Associates has launched a dedicated Software Asset Management (SAM) service designed to help companies manage and optimise their software installations and licensing.
The surrender of the Silver Bullet Saloon's lease was handled by Moe Gold of KGW Associates.
that has hampered efforts to provide better access to antimalarial drugs," specifically ACTs, which he argues are the real silver bullet.
In its ongoing quest for the reliability silver bullet, Catalyst engaged Ivara, a reliability vendor that offered software tools coupled with a method of achieving reliability.
Every remodeler has its own process," says David Alpert, president of Continuum Marketing Group, which helped Silver Bullet develop the Web site as the centerpiece of an integrated marketing campaign.