silver bullet

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a simple guaranteed solution for a difficult problem

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OrthoFuzIon is a Trademark of Silver Bullet Therapeutics, Inc.
With topics ranging from software security to cyber warfare, The Silver Bullet Security Podcast's most popular show to date has been episode #13 featuring Anderson and McGraw discussing the economic imbalance between software developers and a system's users and the security implications of wearing a kilt.
A promotional YouTube video for the oil shows a picture of bin Laden and the claim: 'Killed with a weapon using Silver Bullet Gun Oil'.
Kerry said: "I was thrilled to be offered the position at Silver Bullet knowing that, among other clients, I would be able to work to promote such a worthwhile cause.
Silver Bullet managing director John Dias said: "We''re delighted that Kerry is joining us at such an exciting time for the agency as we see the market for our services not only recovering but actually improving with a number of new account wins in recent months.
When I heard that from Lee, I told him, "Lee, that is your silver bullet.
Silver Bullet Associates specialises in helping companies to maximise their negotiating potential in order to achieve the best possible software deals.
that has hampered efforts to provide better access to antimalarial drugs," specifically ACTs, which he argues are the real silver bullet.
In its ongoing quest for the reliability silver bullet, Catalyst engaged Ivara, a reliability vendor that offered software tools coupled with a method of achieving reliability.
A WITNESS who alleged he was threatened with a silver bullet by two members of the extended McBrearty family did so because he was devious, a former detective sergeant told the Morris Tribunal yesterday.
Shoot the werewolf with a silver bullet and he will hunt no more.
The underwriter's eternal quest for the silver bullet has always failed, and will always fail, to include the most recent silver bullet, credit scoring: Correlation without causation is statistically fool's gold.
There needs to be a more comprehensive look at this as opposed to the silver bullet.
She adds: "No one thinks this [board concept] is the silver bullet that will cure all the problems, but it is a step that needs to be taken.
The color palette for the unique new floor includes Crushed Red, Deep Plum, Mauve Potpourri, Blue Vapor, Berry Blue, Cactus Green, Green Lake, Washed Stone, Desert Sand, Silver Bullet, Slated Gray and Sand Dune.